Susoespai Association, Creation and Mental Health

Susoespai Association, Creation and Mental Healthtries to draw art museums to the mental health spheres through art activities. The SUSOESPAI is a a centre of artistic creation for people with severe mental disorders.The promotion of cultural habits will contribute to their reincorporation into the community, having a positive influence against the social exclusion in which they live. Stimulating and motivating the production of visual arts, they will discover their own creativity. The educational programs are connected to the collections and temporary exhibitions of Barcelona museums's.Through this direct link with the art world, and art museums, we offer the possibility of developing their creative abilities, their social skills, share artistic experiences, and enjoy art.

The activities than take place are seminars and workshops:they are educational proposals that combine visits to museums with live creative art experiences at the SUSOESPAI centre.

The theoretical part is experienced in the the actual museum: appreciating, analyzing and just seeing art. The practical part of the workshop takes place in the SUSOESPAI premises– practicing and relating different creative languages (drawing, sculpture, painting, body expression, music...).
The activities are dynamic and participative, and tailormade to the specific students needs. Part of the work is carried out collectively -- to develop communication skills and methods of working together. The second part is more customized aiming especially at their own internal world.

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Non profit organisation

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4R 1A,


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626 824 152

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Number of permanent staff: 3

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Educational centre