Studio Borgerstein

STUDIO BORGERSTEIN is an art studio for disabled artists. The studio offers the participants a platform to develop their artistic side. Drawing and painting is second nature to most of the artists visiting STUDIO BORGERSTEIN. They all work on developing their own specific imagery and the staff at the studio cater this need. Each artist gets long-term, individual support to develop both their content and technical level.

The studio is open from Monday untill Friday and 20 artists are member today. Their works are shown at different locations and at public exhibitions.

STUDIO BORGERSTEIN┬┤s primary aim is to bring art and culture closer to its artists by visiting museums and participating in workshops and external artistic projects. However, STUDIO BORGERSTEIN also wants to create a positive image of people with disabilities. Through their artwork, the artists are first and foremost appreciated for their talents. The appreciation they get helps increase their self-esteem and enables them to grow. On top of this, the therapeutic benefits of the creative process are not to be ignored. The studio finds this form of personal development just as valuable as their artistic development.

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Non-profit organisation

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IJzerenveld 147,

B 2800


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+0032-15 02 00

+0032-498 44 73 33

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Part time: 3

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