Project Ability

Project Ability is a vibrant, effective arts company with 26 years experience of providing a unique visual arts service to disabled people, people with mental health issues and children and young people with disabilities. Our move in 2009 to Trongate 103 has successfully increased the profile of the organisation and resulted in a far greater public visibility of the artists and recognition for their work. Project Ability has first class, accessible studio facilities which are used by people at every stage of their artistic development. From those who view attendance as a social and recreational activity, those who use the visual arts as a therapeutic and sensory experience, a means of expression and communication to people who have a developed artistic practice and clear ambition for their work. We provide a quality service to each person who attends while providing clear pathways for people to increase their skill level and develop a critical response to their work while involving them in the wider arts community. Our gallery promotes original contemporary visual arts by artists with disabilities.

Legal status:

Charitable status

Permanent address:

Trongate 103

Glasgow, G1 5HD


Phone number:

00 44 (0) 141 552 2822

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Year of foundation:


Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 6

Part time: 3

Type of organisation:

Art centre - studio