Dolinda Possemis - Birds and fishes - 100 x 140 cm - acrylic and charcoal on canvas

OriginArtleases Art, made by artists with an intellectual disability to Dutchcompanies and government agencies.

Our philosophy is that this Art should be recognizedfor it's authentic and original expression.


Like every human being, people with an intellectual disability are born with talents. Some may be good carpenters, others are good painters. But, just like in the 'normal' world, only talent alone is not good enough. Talent needs to be developed and fed.

Artists with intellectual disabilities are often not able to go to regular Art schools. Their talents are developed by self-education, by hard working professionals and volunteers in day-care programmes. They learn them the use of different techniques and materials.


In general it can be said that an artist is inspired by reflection of himself or the world around him. From this point he creates an image that connects to his perception. For artists with an intellectual disability there is no difference.

Many of our artists can not read or write and they find it hard to express their feelings in words.

Imagery however, they share with us through their paintings, shows us more then words can tell.

Original Art

Every piece of Art shows us something about how the artist is looking at the world.

The use of color, composition and materials is not a coincidence, it's the result of choices, made by the artists. It represents a reflection of their vision of the world or themselves.

Therefore we believe that these paintings are full and original Art.


OriginArt owns over one thousand pieces of Art from over one hundred artists. A lot of these Artworks are smashing and colorful, some are more modest or even black and white. Sizes vary from a small paper to a huge canvas.

This collection is carefully selected for its quality and it is adapted for businesses.

Art inacompany

Many companies like to enhance their interiors with Art. It is wel known that this has a positive effect on employees and customers alike. It adds color,atmosphere and fun to merely functional space.

Our artists, without exception, are very proud when their Art is exhibited inan office, especially knowing that it will be seen by lots of people.

Often one of our artists to helps us arrange the exhibition.

To see 50 paintings klick on: www.originart.nl/kunstwerken

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