Open Art Museum

Stiftung für schweizerische Naive Kunst und Art Brut/Foundation of Swiss Naive Art and Art Brut.

The open art museum and the affiliated foundation are specialized in Art Brut, Outsider Art and Naive Art created in Switzerland, especially to promote and preserve those artworks that grasp the specific cultural aspects and artistic traditions of Switzerland and Swiss artists. We aim to distinguish the museum as a platform for art developed in border areas to open a greater understanding of Outsider Art and art in general as well as human differences. exhibitions constantly transgress the lines between genres and breaks down boundaries in art. The open art museum questions existing thought patterns and promotes diversity in art and the art world.

The museum lives up to its name as an open museum by being open to everyone - artists, visitors, and national and international co-operations, to create a site of artistic exchanges, experimenting, communication and research.

The open art museum is an independent museum located in an old warehouse, which was built up to a cultural centre of St. Gall including several ateliers, galleries, an exhibition space for contemporary art (Kunst Halle) and further cultural institutions.

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Davidstrasse 44

9000 St. Gallen


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0041-71-223 58 57

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Number of permanent staff: 4

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