Museum Trastad Samlinger

The museum opened in 1996 and tells the history of the mentally and physically disabled in Norway after the Second World War. The museum is located in the original building, housing a nursing department from 1966. Pedagogic creative training began at the institution in the late fifties with surprising results. Art exhibitions were curated and shown in both Norway and abroad and two artists who grew up in the institution are today recognized artists in Norway.

The gallery was opened in 2000 by our Princess Märtha Louise and there are no similar exhibitions to be found in any of our national galleries. The exhibition consists of two elements: art that is created in the former institution and contemporary art that is purchased on an ongoing basis from a national and international arena.

In the study center we offer workshops in our art studio with the opportunity for creative activities such as a graphic art. We have a study room with a library and we rent out our rooms for educational activities.

Today we send many of our exhibitions to galleries in both Norway and abroad and are involved in several projects and school activities.

Legal status:

Public Organisation

Permanent address:

Sør-Troms Museum

Trastad Samlinger

Oscarveien 6

9475 Borkenes

Phone number:

0047 47484460

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Year of foundation:

1996- museum, 2000 - gallery

Number of permanent staff:

Type of organisation:

Museum and gallery, study center