Museum Haus Cajeth

Museum Haus Cajeth/Stiftung Sammlung Hassbecker

Museum Haus Cajeth / Foundation Hassbecker Collection

Primitive Paintings – Outsider Art

Haus Cajeth, built in 1735 for Anton Cajeth, coin keeper of the Palatinate, is situated in the heart of Heidelberg's old town. Here, Egon Hassbecker established a museum for primitive paintings and for – outsider art. It shows paintings by people who wouldn't claim to be artists, but who were driven by a strong urge for expressing themselves by painting. Having grown up in agrarian societies full of craftsmanship, they lived a hard working life. In old age they took to painting by their own, self-taught means and created all by themselves unique images distinctively theirs and of accomplished, significant designs.

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Year of foundation: 2005

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