Lue Lu Foundation / Brut Now

In the language of the outsider artist Nina Matysiak “luelu” means “I love you” – hence the name of theLueLu/ Brut NowFoundation.

TheFoundationgrew out of fascination with and willingness to support officially neglected areas of culture and art, with a special focus on outsider art / brut now. It conducts academic research, organises exhibitions, builds a collection, releases publications and animates activities that promote niche art.

TheLueLuFoundationoperates over and beyond national, cultural, social and generational divisions. TheFoundation’s mission is encapsulated in the simple words of the outsider artist: “luelu”, embracing activities for the sake of liberty, equality, diversity.

We concentrate on the struggle against the climate crisis, discrimination of minorities, gender-motivated violence.

We champion eco-anarcha-feminism!

Lue Lu Gallery / Brut Now is an idea, a knowledge base and an access route to codes of art brut/outsider art/brut now and many other “raws” and “bruts” hidden in the micro/macro-cosmos.

We offer a brut artists’ database, books, exhibitions, links and promotion of outsider artists affiliated with the Lue Lu / Brut Now Foundation.

Legal status:

Private organization

Permanent address:

Poplinskich 5/9b

61-573 Poznan


Phone number:

+48 532253057

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Year of foundation: 2020

Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 1

Part time: 

Type of organisation:

Foundation and Gallery