Kettuki Art Centre is Finland's nationwide studio network for artists from outside the mainstream art world. Kettuki association was founded in 2002. The association consists of artists, art experts, professionals and 22 organizations in the field of art, culture and social services. Kettuki is the founder and coordinator of NOA Nordic Outsider Art network. Kettuki´s main goal is equality in art. Kettuki network aims to improve opportunities for people with intellectual and learing disabilities to study and practice art in both professional and recreational contexts.


  • - Defends the rights of artists from outside the mainstream art world
  • - Supports professionals in ethically sustainable art activities
  • - Increases the diversity of art and culture
  • - Maintains a Finnish national network of art studios
  • - Arranges yearly network seminars
  • - Organizes art exhibitions and art projects
  • - Nominates the Kettuki Artist of the Year annually
  • - Provides information on projects and activities in the field
  • - Maintains Kettuki Art Collection
  • - Produces publications
  • - Runs Atelier K in Hämeenlinna

Legal status:

Private organisation


Permanent address:

Kettuki Studio Network

Kirjastokatu 1

13100 Hämeenlinna



Phone number:

+358 44 040 5107

(Päivi Lilja)


Email address:




Year of foundation: 2002


Number of permanent staff: 1


Type of organisation:

Equal Art & Studio Network & Promotion of Interests