K.H.Renlund Museum

The K.H.Renlund Museum, founded in 1909, is the municipal museum of Kokkola with regional heritage and art responsibilities in Central Ostrobothnia. The museum was named by the initial collection donor Karl Herman Renlund. At present, along with the main collection, there are several other collections of art and cultural history.

Thanks to the significant donated and deposited collections, the museum is extending its profile into an international naïve and outsider art museum. The museum manages deposited collections such as the ITE art collection (the letters I-T-E meaning "Itse Tehty Elämä", i.e. "Self Made Life" and referring to Finnish contemporary folk art) owned by the Association for Rural Culture and Education, and the international naïve and outsider art collections such as the Dallmeier Collection, owned by the municipality of Kaustinen and the Zimmer Collection, owned by the Nordic Art School Foundation.

As the museum with regional responsibilities in Central Ostrobothnia, the K.H.Renlund Museum has a role as the public authority on the built cultural environment and archaeology. It also promotes regional heritage operations and art museum services. In close connection with local actors in heritage and arts the museum preserves the unique cultural heritage of Central Ostrobothnia.

Legal status:

K.H.Renlund Museum, City of Kokkola, Finland


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Vingenkatu 18 A
67100 Kokkola


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+358 44 780 9474 (secretary)


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