Galleria GliAcrobati

Gliacrobati is a gallery and exhibition space, dealing with outsider art and art therapy, presenting international artists, some of whom coming from war areas, promoting their practice as a way of discovery and liberation of their inner reality.

Whether the artists seek a return to the origin of expressivity as a pure force or tell a story by toying with their own memories and daily lives, what we are interested in is overcoming the concept of creative process as the product of techinical or material rules or of purpose. Our apporach stems from an attention to expressivity per se, although we spotlight its psychological, aesthetic and sociological dimension, without any orientation prevailing on the others.

Gliacrobati is not only an exhibition space, but also an atelier and a studio space, in which artists can create freely. A dense program of activities, including meetings with the artists, art therapy, laboratories and presentations of objects created by residents of the therapeutic communities, allows to show the genesis and the life of the creative process, in its numerous manifestations.

Gliacrobati art gallery, located in via Ornato 4 in Turin, was funded by the therapeutic communities Fermata d´Autobus and Fragole Celesti. They will collaborate in showing exhibitions of resident artists and, via their therapists, in organizing art therapy laboratories for elementary and middle schools.

Legal status:

Associazione ONLUS NPO


Permanent address:

Via Luigi Ornato 4




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Year of foundation: 2017


Number of permanent staff:

Part time: 6

Type of organisation:

Art gallery and exhibition space specialized in Art Brut / Irregular Art / Outsider Art