GAIA Museum Outsider Art

GAIA Museum Outsider Artcollects, exhibits and communicates art made by people on the fringe of normality. At GAIA Museum we endeavour to make the stories of the artist visible through their works of art and present them in a way where the unique qualities of this field are conveyed. It is our belief that outsider art not only opens up to new ways of understanding and experiencing art but also encourages the viewer to reflect on human differences from new perspectives.

For the development of GAIA Museum,internationalcooperation is of greatimportance. Themuseum is at present managingthe secretariat of EOA andwe areinvolved in several European cooperation projects.

GAIA Museum is an independent cultural organisation that has a financial agreement with the local council regarding the creation of jobs for people with special needs. At present there are55 people with various degrees of disabilities employed in the museum's shop, cafe, creative workshop, framing workshop and in the day-to-day running of the gallery.

As part of a educational programme for young people with learning disabilities in Denmark, GAIA Museumhasa 3 year long education in visual arts. Through specially arranged programmes managed by professional artists from different fields, the education is meant to give the students an opportunity to learn about various artistic disciplines and explore new ways of expressing themselves. Furthermore the education will be aiming at helping the participants into further employment, either in the form of independent studios or collective art workshops for people with special needs.

Legal status:

Independent organisation


Permanent address:

Lene Bredahls Gade 10

8900 Randers C



Phone number:

+45 89 15 83 38


Email address:



Year of foundation: 2002


Number of permanent staff: 12

Type of organisation:

Museum, gallery, workshop,

educational centre