Casa dell´Art Brut

Casa dell´Art Brut - first Italian centre dedicated to this artistic expression - aims at preserving, exhibiting and enhancing the intellectual value of the Fabio & Leo Cei Collecction.

Besides setting up the central nucleus with over 160 masterpieces by internationally celebrated artists, the Collection has also been integrated by Bianca Tosatti´s Fund, with arround 30.000 works.

In 2018, the acquisition by the fund of the painter Faustion Borgalli was finally concluded, bringing around 300 paintings and 2000 drawings.

Legal status:

Private Association


Permanent address:


Via Assarotti 10

10122 Torino


Mairano di Casteggio

Via Castel del Lup, 4

27045 Pavia



Phone number:

+39 0383 83806


Email address:


Year of foundation: 2019


Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 2


Type of organisation:

Museum, gallery, educational centre and centre for the study of Art Brut