Bolboreta Press

Bolboreta Press is a non profit association that creates new opportunities for outsider artists in Aragon, Spain. In touch with young and adult artists with disabilities and other collectives in special needs. Our values are to service the outsider artists, to pursue social justice, bring visibility to the works, dignity and worth for the authors and respect the authors rights. The general objectives includes to:

Promothe the outsider art and outsider artists through cultural activites including open studies and printing workshops, and specialized activities in the domain of history of art and social sciences.

  • Develop several art history researches for disseminating this kind of art heritage including archive and catalog outsider art.
  • Print specialized editions in the fields of literature and art, focusing on outsiders work.
  • Bring new cultural spaces to promote and spread the outsider art.
  • Connect and share in network for cooperative art projects in Aragon, Spain and other European institutions.
  • Publish editions with universal design criteria for easy reading and open source profit: fanzines, books, posters.
  • Take care of the outsider artist rights and to be part of ethical projects that help artists to promote their capacities, including childrens art
  • Engage cultural and social partners to take part of this cultural association with the Zaragoza University, associations or other educaional or social institutions.

Legal status:

Non profit cultural association


Permanent address:

Calle Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 3

50007, Zaragoza



Phone number:

0034-658 999 542


Email address:



Year of foundation: 2015


Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 1

Part time: 2


Type of organisation:

Open art studio and outsider press