Atelier 23

We are an atelier where handicapped artists can develop their artistic skills on an individual level. We work with skilled official artists who guide our handicapped artists in the making process of work. We have a small gallery where we show the art of our people.


It is very important for us that everybody working in the atelier develops an individual way of working. We exhibit the work and we visit exhibitions with our artists so they experience all kinds of art.Learning goals for our artists can be: to talk to strangers about the work, what do I like to make and how do I do it. For us as coaches it is very important to guide the artist, and not decide colour/ form/ size/ theme. That is up to the artist.

We have a group of 40 people working in the atelier, but not every one is an outsider artist. We also have some good amateurs. It is important for us to show the work of the artists, and be in contact with other ateliers like ours, as the Herenplaats in Rotterdam. Our atelier is situated in Arnhem, we have a network of people who like outsider art or are working as outsiders. As our artists are vulnerable and standing on the outside of society we build a bridge for them so they can reach out with their stories by art. We search for ways to show the works in exhibitions and for instance start pop-up galeries in the city of Arnhem.


Values: To create a safe working place for outsider artists, one gets the opportunity to develop art and the chance to show work to the world. And if they wish the possibility to be in contact with interested parties to talk about art.

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Marasingel 19

6846 DX Arnhem



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Year of foundation: 2015


Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 1

Part time: 2


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Studio and gallery