Atelier 5

The studio is housed in a former post office and is situated in a small village on the Schwäbische Alb. Participating artists work independently and it is left to them to decide what material they want to use, at what pace they want to work and with what purpose and objective. The work produced is original and individual. It evidences an intuitive approach to artistic creation and a sophisticated engagement between the artist and their work. Assistance comes in only when an artist asks for it. The studio is part of an institution which is home to 500 people with intellectual and mental disabilities.

In the old baroque monastery of Mariaberg you can see a big permanent exhibition of the atelier 5 and the "Baumission Roland Kappel", an exhibition site with cranes, diggers and traffic signs.

Latest exhibitions:


"Baumission Roland Kappel", Altes Oberamt / Gammertingen

"Eine runde Sache", Städtische Galerie Kornhaus / Kirchheim/Teck


"Exhibition # 4", Museum of everything / London / England

"Brause, Blumen, Baumaschinen", Landratsamt /Balingen


Coup de Ville / St.Niklaas / Belgien


"Konstruktionen", Galerie ZURPOST / Frankfurt/Main

"Ich sehe was, was Du nicht siehst", documenta-Halle / Kassel


"Take off" Berlin / Marburg / Mainz


"Roland Kappel. Le poète de la soudure", Mad musée / Liège / Belgien


"Kranobjekte und Baumaschinen", Galerie Zander / Köln

Permanent address:

Klosterhof 1

72501 Gammertingen

Mariaberg /Germany


Phone number:

+ 49 7124 923 558


Email address:




Year of foundation: 1998


Number of permanent staff: 1


Type of organisation:

Studio, museum, gallery,

educational centre