Art Laundry – Taidepesula

The Art Laundry workshop is located in the former laundry room of the Vaalijala Rehabilitation Centre. It functions as a place of endless artistic possibilities for people needing special support. In Art Laundry, it is possible to search foranddiscover one’s artistic style and actualize it. Each client receives personalized guidance for their artistic work, with an average of 30 clients per week.

Working in an artistic setting supports the client’s growth in personality, self-empowerment and the ability to express one’s self. The Art Laundry workshop also wants to encourage one’s artistic identity to come into being and to be developed further. Many priceless experiences in artistic development have been shared in Art Laundry. Art and culture bring enjoyment and a sense of belonging, a feeling that can be shared by all.

In addition to arranging artistic activity, Art Laundry prepares exhibitions and functions as a part of the Finnish and international art networks.

Legal status:

Art Laundry is a part of the Vaalijala Rehabilitation Centre, providing their services to 40 municipalities in Eastern Finland.


Permanent address:

Art Laundry – Taidepesula

Vaalijala Rehabilitation Centre

Nenonpellontie 40




Phone number:

+358 50 3899 319


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Year of foundation: 2005


Number of permanent staff: 2


Type of organisation: