Art Brut Project Cuba

Art Brut Project Cuba is the only Cuban art initiative created with the purpose of promoting and supporting singular art expressions that share a stylistic distance from the existing visual culture based on academic or intellectual training and whose makers have no knowledge of intellectual artistic issues. Its main task is the acknowledgment and promotion of the Cuban creators of Art Brut and Outsider Art, and their artworks, in the national and international scenes.

Our facilities includes a documentation center with available bibliography for interested specialists in the field and information about these artists and as well as storage space for the conservation of most of their artworks creating a national collection: Art Brut Project Cuba Collection, which is the most comprehensive collection of historic and contemporary Cuban Art Brut and Outsider Art.

We are currently working with forty artists from different provinces of the whole country. In addition, we keep historic artworks from other group of creators that were part of the project in different moments, creators who passed away, or people who create singular works in just a particular moment of their life or anonymous artworks that were found. It is also kept a constant record of existing outsider environments as well as those that are gone.

Most of the artists that we support have severe mental illness or difficult health conditions, which in many cases are a burden for their families. Thus, one of our most important goals is their recognition by their families, the society and the Cuban art scene as artistically creative individuals and to help them to be more independent. We also provide the space in the studio for creators who for particular reasons cannot develop their artworks at their homes, but without interfering in with their creative processes. Our support to the artists within the project includes providing art materials and facilities to show and promote their works.

Legal status:

Private organization


Permanent address:

Calle Marta Abreu No. 202


La Habana



Phone number:

(+53) 52457911

(+53) 78791818


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Year of foundation: 2013


Number of permanent staff:

Full time: 3

Part time: 2


Type of organisation:

Studio, workshop and gallery