There are many intellectually challenged people in our country with artistic talent. Some of these "unusual" artists have completed their art education at the "folkhögskola"* level. They continue with art at their institutions or at home. These unusual artists with their unusual art are worth the recognition of a larger public. Their use of colour and gestalt is original and wonderful.

(*Folkhögskola-is a secondary school for students of all ages who wish to develop their studies and interests further.)

A-konst is a non-profit organisation that is currently gathering unusual art done by unusual artists.

A-konst's aims are to support intellectually challenged artists by building a network of people and institutions who are interested in supporting their work.

A-konst works to make available information about this particular group of artists and give their work a place in the international art scene.

A-konst organises exhibitions and has started to build up a network of intellectually challenged artists and their work.

A-konst is planning to run courses and seminars about "Outsider Art" and "Art Brut" both present and historical. Through these courses and seminars it is hoped to increase the awareness of the value of this art.

At present (January 2014)

A-konst has a small collection of some 120 works and 70 artists in its network which we hope to expand.

At present A-konst is a very small organisation with no one employed, all work is voluntary. We are 4 people working with this project and our funds are very limited. We have had 29 exhibitions and are planning more. So far all our exhibitions have been in Southern Sweden.

Other plans are to run a distance course "Intellectually challenged artists, their art and society's attitudes to unusual people in the past 100 years". This course is intended for anyone who is interested but particularly for those who work at institutions and work places with intellectually challenged artists. Our hope is to also include some art historians. Students will be encouraged to enter their essays on Wikipedia and thus slowly help to increase information about this art form.

Legal status:

Non profit organisation


Permanent address:

Iliongr.322; SE 22471 Lund



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Year of foundation: 2015


Number of permanent staff:

We are 4 people who put all the time we can find into this work. No one has an employment.