Udruženje Art Brut Serbia / Art Brut Serbia Association

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Udruženje Art Brut Serbia / Art Brut Serbia Association


Art Brut Serbia Association which aims at supporting and developing independent, anti-academic art and integrating the art of marginalized social groups and individuals into valued art system.


The Association is based in Belgrade. We are working on three major projects, which include art of inmates, psychiatric patients and mentally ill people and refugees. We also organize exhibitions, workshops, promote new artist and making a positive impact on the social and cultural climate in Serbia.



Legal status: Association


Permanent address:


Braće Vučković 5/6

11000 Beograd



Phone number: +381 65 8260878


Email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Website: www.artbrut-inside.org    


Year of foundation: 2014


Number of permanent staff: 4 (2 full time / 2 part time)


Type of organisation: Association