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The San Pere Claver Social Services Foundation is a non lucrative organization that deals with community services. Some of the services it gives are shelter housing, support towards autonomy, social clubs, residences and day centers for the psychicly disabled, volunteers, juridic assistance, etc. Our Foundation is part of a corporate group dedicated to psychological and psychiatric ambulatory assistance, and the custody of mental health patiences. Objectives: the social integration of people with mental health problems. Values: - Human and assistential quality. The harmonious management of science and technological advances and expertise of professionals, the central element of all ours activities is the recovery and attention of our patients in society. Stimulating the continuous formation of our professionals to better the health of our patients so that they can progress in the advancement of scientific and human knowledge. - Accessibility and proximity. Our aim is to approximate our services to the territory in question, avoiding the movement of our patients and families providing the utmost vocation of our services and generosity to them. Giving assistance to all of society in order to respect the dignity of all social groups without exclusion. - Flexibility. We are dynamic in offering fast and flexible solutions that provide answers to societies sanitary needs. - Diversity and plurality of opinion. We are a professional collective with a respectful and integrating aim towards the plurality and diversity of opinion of each and everyone of us. - Transparency and equity. We manage public resources with rigour, transparency and we endeavor towards the maximum possible internal and external equity. Our activity is meaningful in the measure that it gives solutions and adjusts to our mission


Legal status: Foundation
Permanent address:
Vila i Vila 16
08004 Barcelona (Spain)
Phone number:
+34 933248891
Email address:

Year of foundation: 2011
Number of permanent staff: 6
Full time: 2
Part time: 4
Type of organisation: