One Bare Foot Square Korea

6 April - 22 April 2018 

Project Space Brut, 311-1, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

ONE BARE FOOT SQUARE’ is a collaborative artist-led travelling mosaic canvas. The individual artworks form one big piece.

Artists create a One Foot square canvas forming a bigger piece with variable dimensions depending on the exhibition space. Self-taught and Outsider artists, Schooled-artists & artists from all other background and margin, are contributing their creations as its boundary-crossing principle progresses. The mosaic canvas projects a spectrum, weaving together each individual’s life journey; reflecting on their experience, hopes, thoughts & imagination through their diverse practice, from doodles, painting, stencil to mixed-media.

Read more: http://www.uncookedculturegallery.uk/events-2018/4594221329


can´t take my eyes off you

20 January - 24 February 2018 

Project Ability, Glasgow, Scotland

can´t take my eyes off you showcases dolls from as far afield as Project Ability could spread the word: Canada, Australia, Sweden to name a few. Over 50 artists in total, working in supported studios as well as artists working independently have been selected in this juried exhibition.

Read more: can´t take my eyes off you



16 December - 17 March 2018 

Art Obert Sinia, Barcelona, Spain

OBATALÁ is a god of Yoruba mythology, which represents serenity and good manners, is the deity that commands the thinking head of man. Having Obatala in Barcelona is part of a desire to seek calm and serenity within today's society.

"Attract, incommode, provoke, perhaps it is just about that" (José Luis Allué)

Jose Luis Allué is a self-taught artist born in Zaragosa in 1962

We hope to see you all at Banys Nous 16, Barcelona http://www.artobertsinia.com/


Form, colour, form

14 May - 10 September 2017 

Kunsthaus Kannen, Münster, Germany

Five artists of the Kunsthaus Kannen show the ways and means of handling the parameters of form and colour. Alfred Olschewski studies the combination of colours in a row, Hans-Werner Padberg builds abstract, colourful objects, Matthias Klepgen creates with multicoloured bits and pieces miniature worlds; Bernhard Pfitzner changes used pieces of paper with coloured tapes into a new mental disposition; in his paintings, Josef Schwaf catches the colourful lights of a stage dipped into strong brightness.



From Naive to Art Brut

5 April - 30 Juli 2017 

Gallery of Spis Artists, Spisska Nova Ves, Slovak Republic

Presentation and interpretation of naive, folk and art brut from the unique private collection belonging to Pavel Konecny. Showing artists from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Central Europe.


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Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making

12 March – 12 June 2016

Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, UK

Featuring the work of 34 international and UK-based artists who express their creativity unbounded by taught conventions, Outside In’s fourth triennial open exhibition – in collaboration with Craftspace and co-curated by Laura Hamilton – will feature work by renowned historical and contemporary artists associated with the field of outsider art alongside work from Outside In artists selected from submissions to an open call out. ‘Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making’ will showcase the creativity of artists who face barriers to the art world for reasons including health, disability, social circumstance or isolation. Although their practices may have been nurtured and encouraged in specialist centres or studios, most have never received any formal art training.

Themes in the exhibition include radical missions in which artists have a passion for a particular subject or technique; intuitive responses to textiles employed as non-verbal means of engaging with the outside world; autobiographical responses to the natural or urban environment; and folkloric or surreal perceptions of the world. The work in the exhibition has been developed with independence, perceptual senses and an obvious lack of inhibition which is rarely aimed at a particular audience or marketplace.

The show encompasses work by artists from Europe, America and Asia, including Judith Scott (USA), Nek Chand (India), and Willem van Genk (Netherlands), alongside UK pieces such as Michael Smith’s altered donated jeans, bound and wrapped with masking tape; Nnena Kalu’s large evolving cocoon-like forms of paper, fabric and foam bound and wrapped with tape, yarn and cling-film; and Beth Hopkins’ re-employed found objects.

‘Radical Craft: Alternative Ways of Making’ will launch at Pallant House Gallery from 12 March – 12 June 2016 before touring nationally. It will be accompanied by a series of related events.





New exhibition : Artists against prejudices

September 13, 2014 - January 4, 2015

Since 2008, the year of ATIPYK foundation, we have conceived many exhibitions in France, supporting all authors who, mentally distressed, of French or of other nationalities, talk to us through their works.
Through those exhibitions, we have wanted to put an end to the confusion between therapeutic work and work of art. The author, thus designated by his or her work, is an actor in the project by proposing the creations he or she wants to show. We realize the exhibition scenery with no instrumentalization or stigmatization. Our actions take place in a legal and ethic field, in collaboration with the authors, the partner workshops and the sponsors of our projects.
Artist against prejudice
On the fringe of a permanent event organized by the Cité des Sciences (City of Sciences) on the human brain and the cognitive neurosciences, ATIPYK associated with it, presents works of art by authors whose creativity questions us.
Cité des sciences et de la santé
Bibliothèque des sciences et de l’industrie
30 avenue Corentin Cariou 75019 Paris  (Metro : Porte de la Villette (line 13)
Opening Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 to 18.45 pm







Outside In: National

27 October 2012 to 3 February 2013

Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, West Sussex,
presents Outside In: National, a ground-breaking openentry
exhibition for artists producing work from the
edges of society.

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Exhibition at vzw KAOS
Opperstraat 73
1050 Elsene/Brussel

Opening: 8/10-2012



in Rotterdam 9th September – 6th November 2011