Osservatorio Outsider Art


The Association, Osservatorio Outsider Art (Outsider Art Observatory) has the purpose of protection, preservation, acknowledgment of spontaneous art created by authors marginalized from cultural, social, mental point of view, and of all artistic expressions out from conventional way and cultural institutional circuits. The Association want particularly explore sicilian territory, the authors of so called Art Brut and Outsider Art and the sicilian sites of visionary creations, by study, research, and any way of diffusion (ex. by the site and the review published in pdf, with texts of international authors, that is possibile to download by site; conferences, expositions, books, …),not only regarding visual art, but also literature, poetry, music... The Association, that born in collaboration with Palermo University, in particular with contemporary art chair, want also participate to the creation of a euro-mediterranean network and international partnerships with Research and Study Centres, museums, galleries, studios, educational centres and institutions dedicated to Outsider Art, also to attract a national and specially international public.

Legal status:
Onlus Association (non profit)
Permanent address:
via Emilia, 47
90144 Palermo
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Year of foundation:
Number of permanent staff: 7
Type of organisation:
research, study and
acknowledgment centre