Muzeum Slaskie (The Silesian Museum)


The Silesian Museum in Katowice has been assembling non-professional art since 1984 within its Department of Non-professional Art. Thanks to an autonomous status of the Department, thorough research into the field can be undertaken. Since 2008 the Department has been managed by Museum curator Ms Sonia Wilk.

The Museum offers temporary exhibitions of non-professional art shown in the Gallery of Borderland Art. On average there are six exhibitions per year. The purpose of the Gallery is to animate the outsider art movement and familiarise the public with interesting and innovative contemporary artists. The Museum monitors a wider spectrum of the movement, always ready to discover a new, promising talent.

The Silesian Museum’s collection of non-professional art is constantly growing, which proves how powerful this movement is. Amateur art is gaining in popularity and is often used in books, newspapers, magazines and films. The Silesian tradition is very distinctive and practically unprecedented in the world.

In the Museum’s collections there are the works of such artists as Teofil Ociepka, Ludwik Holesz, Erwin Sowka, Pawel Wrobel, Bronislaw Krawczuk, Ewald Gawlik, Wladyslaw Lucinski, Franciszek Kurzeja, Jan Nowak and others. There is also a place for non-Silesian artists such as Stanislaw Zagajewski, Eugeniusz Brozek, Justyna Matysiak, Nikifor or Maria Wnek. Such diversity of material provides an invaluable insight into the phenomenon of outsider art and allows comparative analysis of different styles and techniques, artistic forms of expression of self-taught art in Poland.

In 2012 the Silesian Museum will move into a brand new building, designed by Austrian architects Riewe and Riegler. Apart from temporary exhibitions, there will be enough space for a permanent exhibition presenting uneducated Silesian art. The exhibition will try to document the whole amateur movement since the interwar period right up to the present times.


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public organisation

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Year of foundation: 1929

Number of permanent staff: 107
Full time: 95
Part time: 12

Type of organisation: Museum