Debajo del Sombrero




Debajo del Sombrero is a platform for creation, production and dissemination of art, where the leading figures are people with intellectual disabilities.

Our aim is focused on the achievement of having an own space: a Center for the Art and Creative Process Development, conceived as a large shared workshop, accessible to any grade of autonomy.

A meeting point space to foster both, individual and collective projects, promoting a mix up of artists, with and without disabilities, in projects, exchanges and exhibitions.


Cultural Participation: Our programmes are developed inside spaces socially identified with art and creation.

Community involvement: Debajo del Sombrero is a collective space of creation that participates actively in the community life.

To achieve an outstanding social role: Our identity is to be creators; thus, we are focused on talented people, and on their abilities, dreams and desires.

To promote initiative and free expression: creativity is encouraged to grow from inside towards outside in each individual. At the workshops, artists are accompanied by other artists who stimulate their expression by listening and taking into consideration their own personality and imagination.

To promote their artistic work: Generating distribution, promotion and commercialization channels.

The leading characters of our programmes are people with intellectual and development disabilities, regardless their grade of autonomy, for whom the art and creative processes are able to contribute to their project of life.


While we manage to have our permanent own space, Debajo del Sombrero is developing different activities using assigned spaces for an academic year.

We always look for high quality spaces to achieve our goal and community participation.

At present our programmes are happening in Matadero Madrid, La Casa Encendida, Fine Arts University and time to time we go to contemporary artists' creative spaces.



Legal status:
Non profit Association
Permanent address:
C/ Antonio Vicent 15
1º izda
28019 Madrid
Phone number: +34626855769
Email address:
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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Year of foundation: 2007

Staff: 6 

Type of organisation: Studio/workshops