Art & Marges Museum


The art & marges museum promotes outsider artists. Over 2,500 works by artists from Belgium and elsewhere, all of them donated, make up this collection.

The conjunction '&' helps remove any stigma that could be attached to works made in the 'margins' of art: it brings art and the 'margins' together without assimilating them. This approach, giving the artistic priority over the human element, is a measure of our determination not to reduce individuals and their works to "anonymous otherness".

Given that we represent artists for whom it is not always easy to access museum buildings, particular attention is paid to looking after individual visitors and groups (adults, children, persons with vulnerable personalities or physical disabilities, and so on). To maintain our close contacts with the artists concerned we create opportunities to get together: guided visits, creativity workshops, discussion groups and other such activities. Far from being a 'ghetto' museum, art & marges museum wants be a place of exchange, a space for celebrating artists' individualities, an art without 'margins', a museum where every effort is made to ensure that every visitor feels at home.



Legal status:
Non profit private organisation
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312-314, rue Haute
1000 Bruxelles
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00 32 2 533 94 90
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5 (full time: 4, part time: 1)
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