Kultur och Kvalitet
culture and quality 
Culture and Quality - a non profit nongovernmental organization supporting the development of art and artists with learning disabilities.
We arrange culture conferences and participate in cultural events. We work with the development of network in the cultural sector and artists with learning disabilities. We are about to develop a digital culture agency for our target groups and institutions in the cultural area in Sweden, similar to Outside In, UK.
We believe in the development of art made by artists with learning disabilities. We believe in the capacity of the artist. We work with ways of displaying and promoting the art made by artists with learning disabilities. We also continuously inform about the UN convention on the rights of persons with diabilities - Article 30 - and the right to participate in with our arts in society.
Our firm belif is that critique promotes quality and developpment of the arts, hence our name Culture and Quality.
Legal status: 
Nonprofit NGO
Permanent address:
c/o Helena Petersson
Själagårdsgatan 8A
S111 31 Stockholm
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Email address:
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Year of foundation: 2014
Number of staff: 
Part time: 4
Type of organisation:
Non-profit organization with networks in Sweden and abroad, educational activities and exchanging competences