Garvald Edinburgh
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Inspired by the ideas of educator an philosopher Rudolf Steiner, Garvald Edinburgh enables adults witha learning disability to develop their art, craft and catering skills through working as part of a creative community.
21 different making-based workshops and studios across 4 sites in Edinburgh provide creative opportunities for 240 adults throughout a week. Our undeprinning ethos is that each person has a unique and valuable contribution to make and we create a supportive environment where individuals can learn skills and contribute to the community in a way that is right for them.
The Art Studio (Garvald Artists) provides a supported space for adults to explore and develop their creative voice through studio-based arts practice. We focus on enabling the artist to become confident in exploring their own mark making and expressing their own creativity. The artists are supported to build a body of work to exhibition standard and to exhibit their work in a range o contemporary gallery settings.
Other workshops at Garvald Edinburgh include 2 Pottery studios, a Glass studio, Weaving, Textiles, Jewellery, Woodworkshop, Drama and Puppetry Workshops. All our workshops are fitted with high quality equipment and facilities as this communicates to the makes they are valued and respected as craftspeople.
We run an exhibition programme which showcases the artists and crafts-makes work in a range of settings in Edinburgh. The vibrancy, diversity and warmth of the artists work speak for itself. We are building a network with other similar organisations in which is opening new opportunities for the artists.
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600 Gorgie Road
EH11 3AL
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Year of foundation: 1969
Number of staff: 115
Type of organisation:
An arts and care organisation providing supported workshops for adults with learning disabilities