Museo Man de Camelle

Museo Man de Camelle 2 

Owned and managed by the municipal authority, it is located at the pier of Camelle. lt opened on June 5 th 2015 and its main objective lies in protecting, preserving and spreading the artistic and personal legacy of Manfred Gnadinger, known by everyone as Man, the German of Camelle {Bohringer, Germany 1936 - Camariñas - A Coruña - 2002).


Undertook a journey from his native Germany that brought  him to Camelle, where he stayed forever. lt was 1961 and he was twenty five years old.

After approximately a decade living in a private house, he built his own house of tiny dimensions in a rocky area far off from the village where he started to develop his work: his garden-museum.

Little by little he started parting with his externa! appearance and shaping the image that would characterize him forever.

He decided to live alone, becomingone with nature, in the purest way possible.

His lifestyle and his artistic work promptly generated interest and curiosity amongst all types of audiences to the extent that his name was joined with the name of the village and vice versa.

After his death, his figure, both human and ar­tistic, continues to attract visitors who discover or remember the legacy of a unique artist with fascination.


Because of its magnitude and artistic diversity, allows us to get close to the work of Manfred Gnadinger through his paintings, self-portraits, photographs, works of various kinds, notebooks, books and personal belongings.

The exhibition also offers:

•Simulated 3D projections of approximately 1500 pictu­res of his garden-museum.

•A display stand with 600 pictures selected by Man.

•A display stand with 1500 scanned images from the notebooks of the artist whe­re he made his sketches and studies.

•A display stand with 2500 scanned images of the no­tebooks where the visitors made their drawings

In general terms, his whole work is linked to the German Romanticism and the movements emerged in the 1960s: Land Art, Body Art, lnstallation Art, Environmental Art, etc

The spirit of all of them concurred in the rejection of consumer society and in the criticism of the mercantilism and the sacredness of art. Based on these principies, they incorporated new materials: the ones that offer nature herself and the trash of the consumer society, from which the new creators fled


Complete collection of Man's artistic and personal legacy.

Permanent exhibition of a part of his legacy.

Educational program.

Guided tours

Temporary exhibitions

Cultural activities

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Rúa do Muelle no 9
15121 Camelle
Camarinas (A Coruna)

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Year of foundation:
Man´s garden and house 1978
Museuo Man de Camelle 2015
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