Die Brücke Lahr e.V - das Atelier

 Die Brucke Lahr 2022

“The Atelier”, a self-helping project for people with psychiatric experience 

The participants are offered the opportunity to develop their individual creative potentials. In contrast to traditional art therapeutic work the Atelier is an open project, in which the artists organize themselves. The resulting artworks yearly are presented in exhibitions. They also can be rent or bought. Besides creative working the building and maintaining of social contacts also are important topics at the studio. 

The Atelier is connected with other outsider art projects, for example the “Sammlung Prinzhorn”, Heidelberg, “Der Wolf in der Säule”, Zürich, “La Tinaia”, Florenz


Legal status:
Registered non-profit organisation
Permanent address:
Willy-Brandt-Str. 11, D-77933 Lahr, Germany
Phone number: 049-7821/9157-2519
Email address: 
Year of foundation:
Number of permanent staff:
Full time: 0
Part time: 2
Type of organisation: