Statement of the president, Spring 2016

Dear EOA Members,


2015 was another worthwhile year for those interested in Outsider Art in Europe. In addition to the rich programs of the well-known institutions in this field and a successful Paris Outsider Art Fair at a new attractive venue, there was another fruitful meeting of European studios and artists at the “2x2 Forum” at Kunsthaus Kannen near Münster, Germany. Also in Germany, the thought provoking exhibition “Der Schatten der Avantgarde” (The Shadow of the Avantgarde) was hosted at Folkwang Museum in Essen. 2016 will, without doubt, provide new discoveries and insights, particularly in conjunction with the challenges regarding the enormous numbers of new European residents due to devastating wars in the Near East. Rarely was the connection of art and trauma as clearly present as in these times.


Next General Assembly

We are glad to announce that the 2016 annual meeting will take place in the Silesian Museum of Katowice, Poland, in combination with a conference organized by Sonia Wilk and her colleagues, on the 11th and 12th of June. The conference will be about “Collecting Outsider Art”, an important topic not only for museums and private enthusiasts of these works but for a large number of studios as well. The Silesian Museum recently moved to an unique new building that is partly subterranean. They are welcoming this opportunity to get into closer contact with the EOA, as they have a rather large collection of non-professional art. A large portion of their collection has been created by miners and contains coal sculptures and reliefs, as well as exquisite linocuts. We hope that many of you will take the opportunity to meet us at this exciting Eastern European venue. The detailed conference program will be published on our website soon.


Funding of Joint Projects

All the members of the EOA board had very good ideas for joint outsider art projects. Unfortunately, the board had to face the fact that currently we are not able to fully prepare an application for funding through the Creative Europe program of the EU and to manage it once achieved. Nevertheless, we want to go ahead with some of the suggested projects, especially the mapping of outsider art venues and institutions, and are looking for alternative ways of financing. We will keep you informed.


Newsletter and Blog

Facilitating communication and networking of the members and with people and institutions outside of EOA is surely the most important task of our organization, Therefore, from this year on, we want to put more effort into creating newsletters and in providing information on our website. If you want to share news on activities of your organization or of others, please do not hesitate to send details to us. Additionally, we are working on an EOA blog, which will also contain information about new developments and research in the outsider art field, including abstracts and summaries of university and other academic papers.


New Members

With the help of a stronger presence in the Internet, we hope to increase the number of members of our organization. Every member can assist us with this goal as well. Please tell others about EOA and invite them to the general assembly and the conference. The more people that are enthusiastic about outsider art and get in touch with each other, the more this enthusiasm will have an impact on European culture as a whole – for the benefit of the artists, who are still much too often excluded. I would like to use this opportunity to welcome the new members who joined during 2015:


New member organization:

House Museum Al Belvedere Pietro Ghizzardi in Boretto, Italy

Mad Musée in Liege, Belgium

Mycelium in Paris, France


New individual members:

Daniel Wojcik, Oregon, USA

Leszek Macak, Polen

Miriam Basat, Colorado, USA

Dr. Elisabeth Telsnig, Austria




Kind regards


Thomas Röske

President of the European Outsider Art Association